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SEO-Friendly Out of the Box

Just using WordPress as it is gives you several advantages in the SEO game. Especially in regards to on-page SEO, the platform allows you take care of a lot of important elements.

  • Proper HTML markup — Though written mostly in PHP, WordPress creates HTML pages that are easily understandable by search engines. The latest generation of themes (like Genesis) have even started to take advantage of HTML5 and the improvements it brings.
  • SEO-friendly permalinks — WordPress comes with the ability to use so-called “pretty permalinks.” That means links to posts and pages can contain keywords so search engines and visitors understand what they are about. Of course, you can control the content of the link which is the new standard setting in WordPress.
  • Title tag and headings — The title of a page (which is usually wrapped in h1 tags) is one of the most important parts of on-page SEO. Together with other heading tags, it informs Google about the information in your content and gives it structure. WordPress allows you to set all of this up without manually writing the necessary HTML tags.
  • Easy content creation — Content has become the tool to stand apart in search engines. Thankfully, as a former blogging platform, WordPress makes creating high-quality content as easy as using a word processor. Multimedia content like videos and images are also no problem.
  • Optimized images — Talking about images, besides adding photos and other visuals to your content, the WordPress editor also allows you to further optimize them with ALT tags, descriptions, and more.

Pretty good right? And these are all standard features included in the core product. It does not take into account all the things you can add to it.

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