Why A Woman Will Always Love Her Dad More Than Her Husband…


A daughter may outgrow a father’s lap, but she will never outgrow his heart. 

There are two men in a woman’s life who can either make her world or break it. These two men are – her father and her husband. The journey from her father’s lap into her husband’s arms is what I’d mark as one of the best times of her life. Not because she suddenly shifts from a world where she is being pampered to a world that requires her to pamper others. But because this is when she learns everything about a man. This is when she learns how a man treats a woman, how he respects her, how he admires her, how he caresses her, and most importantly how he loves her.

Most girls often wish to have a husband like their fathers. I remember my mom telling me that my dad treats me the way he does because I am his daughter and that is not necessarily how my husband will treat me too. She meant that every man plays a different role in every relationship and that’s why it isn’t right to expect the same kind of love out of two different individuals.

I have an elder sibling. But, I have been my dad’s favourite since forever and everybody knows it. I know my dad loves me unconditionally, just like every dad loves his daughter and although that love is common for every father-daughter relationship, I’d still conclude that mine is special.

Apart from him setting some restrictions over me, I have never had any complaints against him. He was never the one who wasn’t approachable, but he has always been the one who you cannot have discussions with, because he’s too firm about his views. And although that quality of his kind of irritates me at times, I believe it’s better for me to adjust at 25 than expect the same from him at 58.

Old and Adult Hands

But he evolved and so did I. As I grew older I saw a different side of my dad, a side that showed more understanding towards my relationship problems, and a side I never knew existed – possessiveness. Yes! And this happened when another man entered my life. Another man who is nothing like my dad.

This man looks at women differently. This man doesn’t believe in putting any restrictions on anyone. This man believes in the concept of live and let live. This man believes that no woman is less than a man. This man has a different definition of love. This man shows me perspectives that no one has before. This man shows me a different world that no one has shown me before. This man tells me that a man need not necessarily be the decision maker in the house. This man tells me that a woman need not necessarily be at home only because her husband is. This man also tells me that no one will ever love me like my dad will.

And I am so glad HE is the man I am getting married to.

My dad has been possessive about me ever since I have started dating and I kind of like it.

He feels that all the love that I had for him is now being shared. He feels that the closer I got to the man I love, the further I drifted from him. Watching me love another man wasn’t something he could digest. And I guess it’s probably the same with all dads. And I don’t blame him for that. No! I don’t blame him for anything. I don’t blame him for not letting me go for late nights with my fiance, I don’t blame him for not sending me on trips with him. I don’t blame him for any of that.


In fact, despite being possessive and a little irrational and illogical at times I still love him the way I did ever since I was a child, because I know that no one prays for my happiness the way he does. I know it’s only he who will stand by my side and have his guiding hand on my shoulder till his last breath. It’s only he who will treat me like a princess and also be my strongest support. It’s only he who will point out my mistakes and bring me back on track if he ever finds me losing my path. It’s only he who will shower his love upon me despite all the fights we have. And it’s only he who will always love me unconditionally.

Thanks, dad. Here’s to all the drinks we’ve had, to all the times we’ve laughed, to all the times you’ve been angry at me, to all the times I have laughed when you’ve yelled at me, to all the times you saved me from Mamma’s lectures!

Cheers to the best childhood a child could have only dreamed of. Cheers to the man who’s made me feel lucky to have a father like you.

P.S: You’ll always be my first love.

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