These Pictures Of VIACOM18’s New Office Will Make You Look At Your 9-To-5 Cubicle In Sadness

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What would you say is the worst thing about your workplace? No, I don’t mean you, most-annoying-colleague-ever, although you come a close second. It’s probably your 4X4 office cubicle, where you sit surrounded by blank walls and nosy stares. No matter how much you try to make it ‘yours’, with pictures, custom mugs or pop-art posters, there’s always something clinical about these places that dissuades you from ever liking them.

In a 2003 study by Management Today, only 11% of 1000 American workers surveyed said that they were truly satisfied with their work environment and office decor. In fact, over half of the respondents said that bad decor put them off and hampered their productivity and concentration. In short, if the thought of spending another eight hours in your cubicle makes you want to turn over and go right back to sleep, you’re not alone. That’s also exactly why these pictures of VIACOM18’s new office in Vile Parle East, Mumbai, are making us green with envy. Well, that and the fact we like rubbing salt in people’s cramped-space-cubicle-induced wounds.

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