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JWplayer Autostart not working on mobile browser while working on desktop browser

To give you a better & clear understanding of what the current browser-OS policies are for autoplay.

The latest versions of Safari on desktop and mobile will allow auto-play of muted content by default. You will need to add the below parameters in the player settings:
mute: true
autostart: true
autoplayadsmuted: true
autoplayadsmuted needs to be in the advertising object.
I have built a code example for your references:
var player = jwplayer(‘player’);
file:”https://“, width: “100%”,
image: “https://“,
“autostart”: true,
“mute”: true,
“width”: “90%”,
“preload”: “auto”,
“androidhls”: true,
mediaid: “kaaTFzgWjIam”,
ga: {},
“advertising”: {
“client”: “vast”,
“autoplayadsmuted”: true,
“schedule”: {
“adbreak1”: {
“offset”: “pre”,
“tag”: “”
Please note: due to the current browser / OS settings the user experience may vary, meaning the autoplay may or may not replicate on mobile devices. Please see below for more information.
There is a difference between Pre-JW 8.2.0 Behavior and Post-JW 8.2.0 Behavior.
Autostarting on Android and iOS is supported as of JW 7.8 and will play the video muted regardless of the player’s settings. If you’re running a preroll, setting autoplayadsmuted:true will mute the player to allow the ad and content to play.
Following a number of recent autoplay settings and policies adopted by different browsers / OS, JW Player has made several critical changes in versions 8.2.0+ to provide for a more dynamic experience, with the player detecting and reacting to browser and publisher settings. When autoplay is not available, the player will fall back to a click-to-play state, to prevent errors, and decreases to CPM’s and fill-rates.
The event would be autostartNotAllowed but it’s all depending on what the browser does. Before each autostart attempt, we test whether or not the player is allowed to autostart muted or unmuted. If the player can autostart muted and the player is muted – it autostarts. If the player can autostart muted and the player is not muted, the player will mute the content and autostart. If the player can autostart unmuted, then the player will.
If the player can do one of those things, no special event will fire.
If the player cannot do any of those things, the autostartNotAllowed event fill fire. To verify this, open your test page, right-click on the URL bar in Safari, click on Settings for this Site and then change the setting to “Never Auto-play”.
While JW Player can’t make any recommendations given various monetization strategies across the industry, we can note the use cases least-impacted by these changes. Given the default is “Stop Media with Sound” running muted ads is the easiest way to have your ads play without a user interaction. Since advertisers typically don’t like their ads to be muted, if you choose to not mute your ads, users are going to have to generate a user action to start playback on the ad.
If the user chooses to actively change their setting for your page to “Never Auto-Play” there’s no way around getting autostart to work without a user interaction.
Please see the full article down below:
Please also take a look at this article for more information – https://webkit.org/blog/6784/new-video-policies-for-ios/
Lastly, please review the following article about browser-level autoplay restrictions:
I hope this helps,
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