We aren’t personal trainers, but we’ll help you build the money to afford one!


Diet and exercise go a long way in keeping you fit. However, all of us must have heard about incidents in which a friend lost her hair and energy to crash diets or how someone injured his back irreparably because of reckless exercising in the gym. To avoid mishaps like these, it’s essential to take professional guidance. You can achieve your goals by diligently following the advice of experts. This applies not only to physical fitness but also to your financial health. Professional guidance goes a long way in helping you achieve your financial goals. One of the best (and most reasonable) ways of getting professionals to help with your investment is through mutual funds. At Quantum Mutual Fund, we focus on the needs of our investors by adhering to simplicity, transparency and integrity while continuing to deliver consistence performance over the long term.

Look, we get it. You may not have ever seen our ads around or ever even heard of us, so you may wonder how “real” Quantum is. We’re no behemoth in the industry. We’ve got just over 40,400 investors out of what we estimate is a total of 12 million investors in India, or a whopping 0.34%. However, we’ve been careful and calculated about our approach, and have refused to pay commissions to distributors who refuse to disclose their fees. So lacking that growth avenue, we’ve remained small. However, what we lack in size, we make up for in performance: the Quantum Long Term Equity Fund’s 10-year track record ranks amongst the top handful of diversified equity funds in India. In fact, since inception, an investment of Rs.10,000 in the Quantum Long Term Equity Fund would have turned into Rs.44,270 as on December 30, 2016 – more than enough to buy a full year’s worth of three-times-a-week personal training sessions at some of the best gyms!

Quantum Long Term Equity Fund Performance as on December 30, 2016

Discrete 12 month Performance

^ Past performance may or may not be sustained in the future. Load is not taken in to consideration and Returns are for Growth option. Returns up to 1 year period are Absolute Returns. Returns greater than 1 year period are compounded annualized (CAGR). # S&P BSE 30 TRI ## S&P BSE Sensex, @ shows the current value of Rs. 10,000/- invested at the beginning of a given period.
** Inception Date: March 13, 2006. Since inception returns are calculated on NAV of Rs 10 invested at inception.

This fund is managed by Atul Kumar and Nilesh Shetty. For the performance of other Schemes Managed by Mr. Atul Kumar & Mr. Nilesh Shetty please click here

Product Labeling:

Name of the Scheme This product is suitable for investors who are seeking* Riskometer
Quantum Long Term Equity Fund
(An Open-ended Equity Scheme)
• Long term capital appreciation and current income

• Investments in equity and equity related securities of companies in S&P BSE 200 index.

Investors understand that their principal will be at Moderately High Risk

* Investors should consult their financial advisers if in doubt about whether the product is suitable for them.
Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.

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