Surya Namaskar mantra


Add the attitude of gratitude to your Sun Salutation practice with sun salutation mantras. That’s when through Surya Namaskar, you can honor not only the Sun but also the whole Nature. (Honoring the creation brings in a sense of sacredness to your yoga practice.)

I stand on my yoga mat, getting ready to start my Sun Salutation practice. My hands are folded in front of my chest, in prayer position. I chant the first mantra for Sun Salutation, my hands go up and then as I recite the second sun salutation mantra, they come down and touch the floor, as if bowing to this higher power – the Sun. I have a gentle smile on my face as I carry on with each Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar) posture and coordinate it with a mantra recital. My whole Surya Namaskar practice turns sacred. This is what mantra chants can do to the Sun Salutation practice, which can otherwise seem like a physical exercise intended to lose weight or stretch and tone the muscles.


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